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Published Works

a portfolio

Joyland Magazine

September 2022


Zone 3

June 2022

blue house full of blue bodies, A Fire on Wind Can Make Any Brush Blush

The Lantern Review

October 2021

Until Mourning


January 2021

How to Love a Headstone
Collection of five poems: 
Altar, She wears me whenever I wear her jeans, Kamikaze bugs look like my hands when I'm holding onto him, In Our House, oyster shells can sing if they are empty

Rogue Agent

January 2021

Self as Girl

Rogue Agent

December 2020


The Mantle

November 2020

Over coffee, with evaporated milk


May 2020

New Life, Lepidoptera, Hiroshima, On Daughters, first love

Jeopardy Magazine

May 2020


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